15 proposals to decorate with metal cabinets

For decades, they have been in school and work centers, metal cabinets have entered the house at the hands of the industrial style . And it has not made a bad entry as it is increasingly common to see decorations in which metallic cabinets play an important role. In the 15 proposals to decorate with metal cabinets that we have selected for you you will have a good source of inspiration if you are tempted by the idea of ​​using these modern accessories.

Metal cabinets 1

Basically there are two ways to use metal cabinets in decoration, with new look or with used appearance, in both cases it can be real or elaborate. Decanting for one option or another will depend on the decorative style of the rest of the room and especially our personal taste and the impact we want to cause in the decoration with the introduction of one of these cabinets.

Metal cases 2

Where can we install them? In any room of the house we can do it as you will see throughout this article. In a work area will be great next to the desk to give that school look so sympathetic. In a hall, lounge or passage area will also be fantastic and it will be no more if we have a brick wall as in the image above.

Metal cases 3

A clear example of what I was saying earlier, here we have a metal wardrobe, three old lockers with their historical burden on the surface. It is an element that will have a strong impact and that certainly will not please everyone.

Metal cases 4

And this would be the opposite pole, a nice set of school lockers freshly painted and which have been removed from the upper doors to form an original furniture rack. An idea that will surely have greater acceptance because it is not as extreme as the previous one.

Metal cases 5

Pure and hard industrial air, when we combine the metal cabinets with other furniture of the same style we get a clearly unified set.

Metal cases 6

Metal cases 7

The metal cabinets can succeed in environments of clear industrial style but also in others where the vintage air predominates. The truth is that they are multipurpose furniture that accept different finishes, functions and can be integrated into very differentiated environments and decorative styles.

Metal cabinets 8

Even in styles in which it would seem difficult to integrate them, an excellent contrast element can be achieved by using them with their original appearance or by adding some complement to integrate them better in the room, aesthetically or functionally.

Metal cases 9

They are also a good resource, both storage and aesthetic, in children's and youth rooms. If we install them in rooms for children, we will try to ensure that they are already a certain age, 6-7 years, mostly for security reasons.

Metal cases 10

As we are seeing the variety is very large because although we talk about metal cabinets in general, the reality is that we can find many designs after almost a hundred years of manufacture of these industrial furniture.

Metal cases 11

Metal cases 12

Some copies are directly unpayable, this old filing cabinet of the 20-30 years of the twentieth century is a true masterpiece of industrial design that can fit anywhere and in any decorative style. The idea of ​​adding the legs of methacrylate is original and also a good way to protect the floor, either of wood or any other material, because the metal cabinets with time usually present rust on the part in contact with the floor and stain it irretrievably.

Metal cases 13

In the environments decorated in rustic or unfinished style, the metal cabinets are also like fish in the water. Metal and rustic wood always marry perfectly.

Metal cases 14

On this occasion we have an ideal shoemaker created from some metal furniture that if you notice also have been isolated from the ground with a base. This point is important, I stress, because with the water scrubbing the floor these furniture always have this problem of oxidation in the legs or bases.

Metal cases 15

As we have seen there are many ways to introduce a metal wardrobe in almost any decorative style and sometimes we can use them perfectly as contrast furniture or directly as true works of art as they represent the best periods of industrial design.

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