15 minimalist style dining rooms so you do not miss out

Minimalism remains of great importance in decor It is not a style that has gone out of style, much less, still in the gap and still has a long way to go. That's why we've decided to bring you these 15 minimalist style dining rooms not to get lost With these proposals, your dining room will be up to date and you can comfortably enjoy this space of social relationship.

Minimalist dining 1

When we say dining room we cover the whole spectrum, from the integrated area in the kitchen ready to make the dining room functions to the separate, more formal dining room and all the intermediate solutions that you can imagine. In the example above taking advantage of a corner of the kitchen has been arranged a round table in the same style as the kitchen furniture, the wooden chairs perfectly match the wooden countertop in the kitchen.

Minimalist dining 15

Sometimes it can be difficult to recognize a minimalist dining room as it is in this case. The shape of the table and its height with respect to the chairs make this dining room something different and personally disturbing.

Minimalist dining 14

This geometric beauty I think will not leave anyone indifferent. The straight lines and angles of the table combine perfectly with these fantastic wooden stools.

Minimalist dining 13

This dining room uses hard materials such as stone and steel, composing a really beautiful and different set. The combination of chairs with arms and the bench made of wood and metal are another aspect to be highlighted.

Minimalist dining 12

Sometimes you can place the dining room next to the kitchen and still remain a formal and elegant space, everything depends on the architectural structure of the house.

Minimalist dining 11

When the space is reduced we can opt for metal frame furniture, are less bulky and have a low visual impact, now that it takes so much industrial air will give us a plus in the decoration of our dining room.

Minimalist dining 10

As you know, white and black are the basic colors of the minimalist style. A wise combination of both will allow us to create a very elegant and formal air dining room.

Minimalist dining 9

Although we can not forget about wood in natural color. It is still an essential material to decorate in certain minimalist decorative styles such as the Nordic style.

Minimalist dining 8

When we consider the decoration of a dining room, whatever the style, we must not forget the lighting. In addition to being an essential practical complement can also help us, if we choose the right lighting, to give verticality to a space that in itself tends to horizontality.

Minimalist dining 7

Extreme combinations such as these elegant panton chairs and the table with benches made of untreated natural wood can work perfectly in a minimalist dining room.

Minimalist dining 6

Minimalist dining 5

As you will have seen in the proposals that we have gathered, there are many ways to set up a dining room in a minimalist style. According to our budget, available space and the use that we are going to give to the dining room, more or less formal, we can opt for one or the other option.

Minimalist dining 4

Minimalist dining 3

From the most elegant to the simplest, the minimalist style allows us to make very different and varied dining rooms without renouncing beauty and pragmatism in any case.

Minimalist dining 2

And to say goodbye to this charming proposal where the architectural structure is of vital importance with that sloping roof. An open space that combines kitchen, dining room and living area where light and white color are the basis to create an elegant informal dining room.

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