15 inspirational ideas of livings

A cozy and elegant living room makes us feel better both when we enjoy it in solitude and when we receive our friends and family. The living room is a common area of ​​the house and as such should be pleasant for all the inhabitants of the house. In the living room we need comfortable seats, sofas and armchairs to rest and relax, to disconnect from the daily hustle and bustle. But as we say it is also a place of coexistence and its decoration should especially encourage this aspect.

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A comfortable sofa is essential in the living room. There we will spend much of our time in that room so we should not hesitate to devote the attention it deserves. A good sofa is a great decorative addition to its practical function. And of course it must be combined with the rest of the combination.

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The neutral bases allow to create clear and pleasant spaces. And if we opt for cheerful colors we will try to make them soft colors that favor tranquility and relaxation.

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Carpets are essential complements to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Sofas and carpets usually go hand in hand, since with carpets we can delimit living spaces with ease.

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Introducing plants in the living room decoration is an excellent idea because with them we introduce a bit of Nature into the room and this is always good to create good communication between people.

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The textures are also very important and are usually represented by the textiles of the living room, carpets, curtains, cushion covers. With them it is easy to personalize our living room and promote the warmth of which we have talked so much.

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In these images we have offered 15 fantastic living rooms that each in their own way and in their style are a magnificent source of inspiration to give our living that little bit of spark that is missing.

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