15 ideas to have your corner for gardening

For amateurs, to a greater or lesser degree, gardening is essential to have a suitable place to perform the tasks required by the care of a garden. A space dedicated exclusively to maintenance work, transplant and others. As we will see below, there are many possibilities, surely one of them fits your particular circumstances!

Gardening space 1

An exclusive space is the dream of any gardener, with all the necessary complements to have the tools, tools and other elements used in gardening in one place.

Gardening space 2

But of course, one thing is the ideal and another is the reality. Creating a corner to carry out the different tasks typical of gardening will be much easier.

Gardening space 3

Gardening space 4

Gardening space 5

Gardening space 6

That corner does not have to be exclusively inside the house. We can prepare it in the same garden, on the porch, the terrace or any other exterior space of the house.

Gardening space 7

Gardening space 8

Gardening space 9

We will adapt it to our needs and personal taste. There will be those who need to have everything well ordered and instead other people will prefer a certain natural disorder. In the different proposals that we present in this article you will find inspiration to create your particular space dedicated to gardening. Whatever style you prefer and the level of finish you want.

Gardening space 10

Gardening space 11

Gardening space 12

Gardening space 13

Gardening space 14

Gardening space 15

Style or pragmatism? Maybe that is the big decision to make when you go to prepare your space dedicated to gardening. Although in reality you do not have to give up any of the two budgets. You can create very decorative spaces and at the same time very ordered as you can see in the upper images.

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