15 ideas of rooms for babies

The baby room tends to be a unique and genuine space , stage of the first months of life of this new little person and the relationship he will have with his parents and caregivers. In this sense, the decoration is usually focused on satisfying all the needs that arise for the child, but also for their parents, especially the mother and the moments of breastfeeding.

Baby bedrooms 1

These are some proposals (15 in total) of rooms to recreate this special time of life in multiple ways, enhancing tranquility in some and fantasy in others.

Baby bedrooms 2

Baby bedrooms 3

White colors and pastel colors are the most common, but not the only ones. Other less usual palettes burst with force to create scenarios of fantasy and creativity, with drawings and designs that will accompany the child in his first nights.

Baby bedrooms 4

Baby bedrooms 5

These rooms are usually designed according to the sex of the baby, and especially designed to promote the comfort of the small tenant and their parents. The cradle, as a central element in these rooms, has to have its own space within the distribution of the other elements, a wide space and in a quiet place, far from lights and intense noises.

Baby bedrooms 6

Baby bedrooms 7

Some decorations are designed to promote relaxation for children, so that they fall asleep more easily. Mobiles with music, drawings that shine in the dark, pastel colors and relaxing colors ... are usually the most used when decorating rooms intended for childhood.

Baby bedrooms 8

Baby bedrooms 9

Placing furniture and cabinets to store baby's clothes is another resource to fill these spaces in a practical way, without saturating the environment. We already say that with having enough, for example a place to change diapers, an armchair if the mother feels more comfortable breastfeeding, it will not be necessary to recharge these environments, especially if the baby is still small and does not have as much autonomy as when they start to walk.

Baby bedrooms 10

Baby bedrooms 11

Baby bedrooms 12

Baby bedrooms 13

Over time, these rooms will be transformed little by little, as the baby grows and other elements are needed in his room, giving more priority to spaces for play, study, snack time ...

Baby bedrooms 14

Baby bedrooms 15

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