15 ideas of Christmas trees out of the ordinary

Christmas is a traditional festival, we could almost say that the most traditional of all festivities, but that does not stop us from being creative and innovative and that we can opt for new and transgressive decorative options. A little salt improves any food, so go ahead and relax for modern and daring decorations to break the annual routine of your Christmas a little. Here are a few options for you to get out of the routine every year.

Unusual Christmas trees 1

This idea is ideal for small spaces, does not the tree fit in the living room? Are you tired of tripping over the tree every year? Put your tree on the wall where it will not occupy space or bother you at all. Arrange some branches on the wall and decorate them as usual.

Unusual Christmas trees 2

If yours is the decoration with style and you are willing to put up with the questions of your relatives when they go to visit you, ay, this year you have not put a Christmas tree? then create a pyramidal structure with vintage boxes and forward.

Unusual Christmas trees 4

Another option with a lot of style, the stairs are fashionable in decoration, why not install a decorated with conifer branches and garlands of lights? an easy and fast option.

Unusual Christmas trees 5

For lovers of order and sticky notes for everything, this tree made with a lot of sticky notes stuck in a mirror will prevent you from forgetting anything this Christmas.

Unusual Christmas trees 6

An option for lovers of natural raw materials, ecology and recycling. This schematic tree made with old branches is a statement of principles.

Unusual Christmas trees 7

Another idea with ladder, this one in ultramodern and industrial style dispenses with any vegetal reference.

Unusual Christmas trees 8

Cheap, clean and recyclable. A tree made with paper cones. Of course it does not dirty anything, the cleanest of the Christmas trees.

Unusual Christmas trees 9

If what you like are the lights, then easy, create your schematic Christmas tree only with the tracing of the garlands of lights.

Unusual Christmas trees 10

What if you hang a cloth with a printed Christmas tree? It will not occupy you anything and when it is time to store it, it will fit in any drawer of the chest.

Unusual Christmas trees 11

This tree also does not occupy anything, a tiered of dry branches stuck to the wall give a modern and natural touch to your Christmas decoration.

Unusual Christmas trees 12

For the fans of the washi tape this tree drawn with ribbon on the wall creates the Christmas atmosphere simply with its strokes.

Unusual Christmas trees 13

Speaking of passionate people, enthusiasts and others, we can not forget the followers of the religion Apple and its Saint Steve Jobs.

Unusual Christmas trees 14

Another current idea and lately is having great resonance, the Christmas tree made of recycled cardboard. Easy to assemble and easy to store. A sustainable charm.

Unusual Christmas trees 15

If you have a wall painted in slate paint you can do it yourself with chalk. An interesting option for the most skilled with the drawing. In general, they are interesting and creative options, even some openly risky. Would you dare with any of them?

Photos: homedit.com

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