15 ideas for using stairs as shelves

Wooden ladders, old and not very safe for normal use can transform the decoration of your home. Here you can find 15 ideas that can guide you in the use of these accessories to create your own decoration. They are a very fashionable resource and offer great potential as shelves or tables for any room in the house.

Staircase 1

Its geometry of straight lines and the angle they form, the double scales, allow us to use more than one to form original creations. A couple of them as we see in this example can replace the typical furniture in the living room.

Staircase 2

In the same way they are ideal for an office, with only adding a few wooden planks we will have a great shelf to organize our office.

Staircase 3

A library staircase with its great length and little width will be perfect to decorate a small space in a house with high ceilings. It will go from being a library complement to being the library itself.

Staircase 4

The way to install a staircase is also very important to achieve one effect or another. In this modern space with straight lines, a simple shelf placed horizontally on the wall transforms into a huge bookcase that combines beautifully with the rest of the furniture.

Staircase 5

Staircase 6

Stairs, whatever their type, are an excellent resource to complement the decoration of any corner or empty space.

Staircase 7

And as they present so many varied forms we will always find one that lends itself to meet our expectations.

Staircase 8

From the simplest and basic, without great aesthetic boasts but with good functionality.

Staircase 9

Even elaborate elaborations that will create a strong impact on the decoration of the room. Hand scales are a good easy-to-use accessory for any decorative style.

Staircase shelf 10

Although it may be in rustic and industrial styles where you can present your best assets.

Staircase shelf 11

Staircase shelf 12

In a sober and elegant space, placing a ladder in a corner is an option that brings interest to the space and breaks the monotony.

Staircase 13

If we are passionate about gardening, we can also use wooden ladders as magnificent supports for our pots, both indoors and outdoors.

Staircase ladder 14

Outdoors they can fulfill a good function as auxiliary furniture for the terrace or the garden as we see in the image above.

Staircase 15

Even in the bathroom we can take advantage of an old and simple ladder. With this small tour we have only glimpsed some of the potentials that these old allies present. With a little creativity we can considerably expand the possibilities of use.

Photos: homedit.com

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