15 ideas for having an outdoor spa corner

When you have an outdoor area in the house you want to prepare it to live outside during the summer season. If you have a garden, patio or terrace you will surely have prepared a living and kitchen area and dining room in it. But to round off the decoration and the full use of that outdoor area you may want to install a spa area. It does not take much though that name sounds expensive, you can create a spa area simply from a shower or an outdoor bathtub.


Of course there are many more things and options that may require a good investment. But the purchasing power should not be an impediment, there are many and varied ways to create a spa area. Of course if you can and you like you can install a jacuzzi but as I say is not essential.


Simply taking advantage of any space you can create your small pool or your private bathroom area. Although even in this case you should advise you to keep that water in perfect condition.


The patio or the terrace can be a good place to install your bathroom area. Create a pleasant space, where you can relax peacefully.



The garden also adds that natural touch that will make your spa area really special. Which can be more or less small and more or less technically complex.



The location is important but we do not need large landscapes to create our spa area at home. Although of course they can be enviable.


This spa area is based on stone, cement and water. It is nothing more than a sophisticated outdoor shower but on warm summer days I am completely sure that it is most pleasant.



Obviously the landscape has its importance when we talk about life abroad but the location of our house can not be changed. Of course, a spa area in a closed patio is not the same as in a terrace overlooking the garden or the sea.



These spa areas immersed in the middle of the forest are really desirable. Both resolved in a similar way, rocks and stones are the main material, although of different size.



These other two spa areas are also immersed in lush landscapes but with more industrial solutions. In any case they are still fantastic.


Wherever we live, we can create an outdoor spa area based on any architectural, landscape or economic condition. You just have to throw yourself and adapt to our circumstances.

Photos: pinterest.com

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