15 ideas for a designer bathroom

Having an elegant and sophisticated bathroom is not an impossible task, with a good predisposition and an attentive eye to the details and color combinations it is easy to get your bathroom to have that extra that differentiates it from ordinary bathrooms. In the design of this piece, it is possibly the one with the least reflected personality of the owner. We tend to create aseptic spaces that fall into the most generalized standardization. Thus being flat and without detail. A little life and character will not go bad for our bathroom.

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Lately the trend of wallpaper in the bathroom is hitting hard. The truth is that it is one of the easiest ways to create an original space and our taste and also today there is no problem with the wallpapers because there is a great offer of them with incredible designs that perfectly support the special environmental conditions of this stay.

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The white is still the great ally when decorating a small bathroom with little natural light. The sensation of amplitude will be increased significantly. And to bring that particular touch nothing like a bit of bright and contrasting color, in the shower curtain or bathtub, in the towels and accessories or wherever we want.

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The bathroom should be decorated taking into account our particular needs. If between them you find that we need a space where we feel comfortable and relaxed after a stressful day, a large and comfortable bathtub can be an inescapable.

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The complements are an unlimited field that offers us many possibilities. Add color to a monochrome bathroom, renovate it without doing works or simply create a more organized and practical space.

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The possibilities are unlimited, any decorative style can work in our bathroom although always respecting the trend that predominates in the rest of the house.

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A look at the images that accompany this article will allow you to find your ideal, the bathroom can be very elegant and personal just by dedicating a little of our time.

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Although it is an eminently practical space, it does not have to be a flat, impersonal and without grace space. It is also a place that we visit every day of our life so it deserves a bit of our attention.

Photos: realsimple.com

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