15 female corners to relax

The boys have their playrooms and meeting with friends, usually installed in the basement or in a dependency of the house. But girls can also find their own space as we see with these 15 female corners to relax that we present below. Unlike the masculine spaces, the feminine ones stand out for being separated from the house and full of light and color.


So it is very common to take advantage of the garden to install a small greenhouse or a shed where you can create an attractive space to enjoy your activities or simply to relax.


The air of cabin, a touch of romanticism and bohemian in equal parts are essential to get a relaxing space that invites you to lie down to read, listen to music or meditate.


Although all this is not at odds with the style. It would be more, we are talking about spaces for girls and style is presupposed.


The truth is that you do not need a large space. This little house is barely bigger than a typical tree house but offers the minimum necessary to be considered a feminine space of relaxation.


This charming wooden house has been decorated in a charming way to create a pleasant and cozy atmosphere.


The spaces with multiple windows, open, are charming despite its simplicity as in this case in particular. Being able to enjoy peace and solitude surrounded by your favorite plants is a great experience.


And if you prefer the beach with the sound of the waves in the background this house stranded in the sand will enchant you. Light and tranquility with soft background music.


Reserve a small space in your garden to create your place of meditation and rest will not be very burdensome. This beautiful story house is also very respectful with the environment with its green roof.


This glamorous shed does not even have a door, but truth be told, it does not need you. A real beauty to enjoy the tranquility.


This clean space with clear lines has a very important practical side, it is a fantastic studio to paint, draw and perform all those tasks that fill the life of a woman.


This design cabin is made of wood and glass and is like a dream bubble in which you can isolate yourself for a few minutes a day.


The classic house at the back of the garden is the idea that inspires the creation of a distinctly feminine space where you feel at ease.


This simple little house evokes the times of childhood and youth when a space of its own was more valuable than anything else.


Another house with a lot of charm, glamor and elegance. A modern and minimalist design that of course will facilitate the task of rest and relaxation because its cleanliness of forms and absence of unnecessary ornaments will not distract us.


The classic English greenhouse is also a great resource and with a lot of history for this task of looking for an environment just for girls.

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