15 decorating ideas based on Feng Shui

The Feng Shui can give us practical ideas so that we feel more comfortable and relaxed in our house. As you know, this oriental knowledge has many centuries of tradition in China. Basically it considers that the house must have a certain orientation and that it must allow the normal flow of energy, without at any time being hindered. Here we just want to make a brief review of some of its numerous standards to get our home to transmit peace and positivity.


We only want to show you 15 simple but effective ideas that you can incorporate into the decoration of your home. Remember that just as feng shui facilitates a good decoration, a good decoration will also improve the feng shui of a space.


Although there are rules to use different colors depending on the orientation of each room, this is not as important for the chi as the colors make you feel good.


Make sure that the furniture is arranged in a way that allows a positive flow around them, it is about keeping the entrance and exit paths clear. For example it is not good to run into the back of a sofa as soon as you enter the living room.


Any dependency of the house must have a decorative element located in the part closest to the ceiling possible. It is about getting the gaze to rise and drag the spirit with it.


In spaces of common use such as the living room, it is necessary to facilitate the interaction between people. If it is very large it will be good to create small spaces for a few people. It is also convenient to have auxiliary tables so that users can leave some object.


We all know that disorder is the worst of the decorations because Feng shui also considers that it prevents the normal flow of positive energy.


The sofa should have the backrest against a wall, preferably the farthest from the entrance to the room. This provides a good field of vision for the people who sit on it. Although this does not mean that the sofa should rest directly on the wall, leaving a small space of a few centimeters is good for the positive energy to circulate.


In Feng shui it is considered that the forms and angles have influence on the correct flow of positive energy or chi. The tables with right angles are not recommended for the relationship between people. That is why it is recommended to place round or oval coffee tables.


A large window in front of the entrance door of the room allows positive energy to escape each time the door is opened. There are some strategies or remedies to prevent this energy leakage. One of them is to place a plant in front of the window that will stop part of that leak.


The dark corners are like wells that swallow energy, to avoid it, it is necessary to install points of light so that no dark corner is left.


The decoration of each room should be consistent with the use that is going to be given. A room should have a decoration that promotes peace and relaxation and the office or work area should have an energizing and proactive decoration.

Decorations on White Table ca. 2000

To be at peace in your home you must be surrounded by the things you like. Be it works of art, ceramics, textiles, books or anything else. But try to have them always well ordered.


For a space to be relaxing and positive there must be a good proportion between the furniture and the area of ​​the unit. Neither too much free space nor too little, the prorción is the objective.


Bright and reflective elements, mirrors, metal surfaces and windows help maintain the feeling of energy and vitality. On the other hand, an excess of shiny surfaces can also be an uncomfortable distraction. You have to balance its use with objects and wooden furniture.


In Feng shui it is considered that some objects are masculine and others feminine and that for a stay to have good energy they must be balanced. Any large wooden furniture is considered heavy and masculine so you have to balance it with pillows, bedding or any soft and fluffy element.


The bed should have free space on both sides. Obviously this will not apply in children's rooms but it must be taken into account in adults already sleep two people or only one in bed. No wall should prevent the free flow of energy on the sides of the bed.

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