15 creative ways to conceal the washing machine

Having a room exclusively for washing clothes is fortunate but you can not always reserve a space in an apartment or a small house for that purpose. So finally you have to finish installing the washing machine in another place but of course many people do not like to have this appliance in sight. If you are among this vast majority maybe you can take a look at these 15 creative ways to disguise the washing machine that will help you choose your solution.


Due to its characteristics and the supplies that usually require the most common places to install the washing machine are the kitchen and the bathroom. These are the spaces where it is easier to install a water intake and another to evacuate gray water.


Although this does not prevent that they can be installed in any other space of the house, including the corridor or another place where we can.


In the kitchen we can take advantage of some corner and use the furniture that counts to remove the washing machine from sight.


Hidden under the cupboard are this washer and dryer that form a great and well concealed laundry area.


In the bathroom is often resorted to the same trick, using a few doors or panels to hide the laundry space with the rest of the furniture.


It will not always be necessary to manufacture furniture or doors, a simple curtain can conceal a washing machine placed under a countertop.


Although it must be recognized that the bathroom furniture goes great to hide the washing machine.


In this kitchen a gap has been found between the table and the bench to install a column with washing machine and dryer and to install a piece of furniture that partially hides it. The doors are not totally opaque and allow good ventilation, which is not bad in these cases.


This original idea takes advantage of the space under a staircase, the one that goes down to the basement for example, to hide the washing machine and even create a storage area.


Whether in the kitchen or in the bathroom, the typical furnishings of these rooms lend themselves well to a custom-made process that is ideal for the case at hand. It is difficult to find standard furniture that meets our needs.


And they only imply to extend a little the budget that we have for the renovation of the kitchen or the bathroom. So if you are faced with this dilemma, to reform one of these two pieces, dedicate a little effort to the concealment of the washing machine.


In this bathroom, with the closed door of the washing machine cabinet, no one knows where or even if it is. Unless it's up and running, of course.


If we have little space, the bathroom is small, we can even resort to sliding doors or sliding panels that will not just steal space and are very comfortable.


As you can see in this solution you only need a hole and install some doors to hide your washing machine.


The decoration can be the one you prefer, some sliding panels can be made in any style.

Photos: Pinterest.com

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