14 ways to add color and texture with cactus

Cacti are the ideal plants to introduce a green touch into the interior decoration without having to waste time in its maintenance. They are also perfect for those who do not have a lot of hand with the plants and always end up dying. If we want to introduce color and texture with plants nothing like reviewing these 14 ways to add color and texture with the cactus.


In this sober dining room, this geometric cactus contributes its grain of sand with its beautiful green color and its verticality.


Here, in this living room decorated in ethnic style, this combination of cactus is the most appropriate.


In this house in Beverly Hills, California, the cactus seems to balance the organic and structured elements of the design. The lines of the cactus even match the lines of the backs of the curved wooden chairs.


This huge cactus located next to the shelf is perfect in this clean and current environment.


But also the cactus combine very well with other plants forming a very interesting green set for the decoration of any room.


This original cactus with its fabulous flowerpot is ideal to finish the decoration of a bedroom.


A very current eclectic air with today's pieces and classical modernism from the middle of the last century are a great environment for a beautiful cactus like this one.


Together with this emblematic chair, this simple cactus with straight lines and geometric shape is perfectly.


The patio, evidently, is the perfect space where you can create a large collection of cactus.


In this white kitchen is where better highlights the intense green and structure of this beautiful cactus.


But also, as in this room, with other neutral colors such as gray or black, it combines the intense green of this cactus.


These tall rectilinear cacti look great next to the window. They take advantage of the light and also highlight more.


Its texture combines in a special way with others such as carpets and carpets and other elements made with natural fibers.


A large cactus like this can decorate any room of the house becoming a key element of decoration.

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