14 keys to decorate the home

There is a great variety of small strategies that will allow us to decorate our house in a personal way. In this article we will try to show you some of those ideas that can transform a decoration by adding character and sophistication without having to resort to large investments.

Decoration Tips 1

The color is a fundamental element in decoration, adding a spark of color to a neutral environment will instantly increase its attractiveness. A lamp in a striking color and a few colorful ceramic pieces mark the counterpoint necessary for this kitchen decorated in white.

Decorating Tips 2

Fleeing from standardization and including interesting pieces in furniture is a wise way to create a space that reflects the personality of the owner.

Decoration Tips 3

The common spaces of a house, of which the living or living room may be the most characteristic, should reflect the feeling of a lived house. It is not about creating an impersonal and cold space, on the contrary it is essential to favor communication since it is precisely a common space.

Decoration tips 4

We can not forget about the kitchen. It is the other common space by antonomasia where the family meets with assiduity, should be a practical space but not endowed with accessories that personalize and adapt to the characteristics of people living in the house.

Decoration tips 5

The work areas can be integrated in any type of housing, it is not necessary an exclusive stay for them, we can adapt any space for this purpose.

Decoration Tips 6

The outdoor spaces, patios, terraces and gardens do not always receive all the necessary attention. Create in them a living space by furnishing them with all the necessary complements will facilitate and make their use more pleasant.

Decoration Tips 7

The spaces of transition, hallways, corridors and other spaces without a defined function should be integrated into the general decoration of the house. One way to do this is to use colors and materials common to the rest of the house. But do not forget to mark a slight differential accent and for this we can use decorative plants and objects in gold or silver.

Decoration tips 8

Another of the decorative accessories that can transform a decoration more and make it the answer to our concerns are the fabrics. A correct choice will solve much of the doubts and problems that the decoration of any space poses.

Decoration Tips 9

When hanging pictures on the wall, always respect the principle of the height of the eyes and keep in mind that in a room where people will usually be sitting this line should be lower. An adequate contrast between the color of the wall and the pictures or photographs that we hang on it must also be taken into account.

Decoration tips 10

Creating groups of precious decorative objects is another resource that can help us greatly to create a personal decoration. But always being careful not to exceed in quantity.

Decorating Tips 11

Create a space for the children of the house to exhibit their works in an orderly manner. A group of frames joined together will facilitate the task and it will be very easy to change the exposure every so often.

Decorating Tips 12

The use of white is a phenomenal weapon to create simple and elegant spaces in which we can make a difference with light touches of black, gold, silver or any color.

Decorating Tips 13

A wall in a dark color will always be a great backdrop on which the light color complements that we put forward will stand out.

Decoration tips 14

A space to exhibit our collections, photos or any hobby that we have, will always be an interesting place that will attract a lot of attention. Minimalist, basic frames will be the best option to display a photographic collection.

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