14 ideas of upholstered DIY headboards

If you are going to have a little free time this summer maybe you want to make a nice DIY decoration project like these 14 cozy Upholstered DIY headboards what do we bring you today? Even if you have no previous experience it is quite simple to upholster an old headboard or create one from a wooden structure or panel.


Upholstered headboards are a good way to renovate a room with low budget and not too much work. The room of your daughters will be fantastic with some pink headboards like these.


The fabrics, as you know, are magnificent allies in decoration that help us create elegant and sophisticated environments for very little money.


If you have already upholstered a piece of furniture you will know that it is a job basically of patience and of going step by step, without precipitation. Who has not lined a book in his youth? Well basically it's the same.


When you want to upholster a headboard you can take advantage of the one you already have or if you do not have to use a DM board of the size you need. You also need foam to line the wood and give it that soft look that every upholstered headboard should have. Wadding is also usually used, although it is not essential, and the fabric chosen. You can use any fabric although obviously the best results are obtained with those specifically designed for upholstery.


The foam should be the same size as the headboard, as well as the wadding, on the other hand the upholstery fabric and if you use muslin to place underneath you should leave a sufficient margin to be able to staple it from behind, 5-10 cm is usually enough although maybe You feel more comfortable leaving a little more.


In these examples that we show you there are headboards easier than others to upholster. This for example is more complex, you need two fabrics and a nail line, it would not be the most convenient proposal for someone who has never upholstered.


These, on the other hand, are much simpler, simply covering all the wood and stapling the fabric from the back. A cloth edging is usually used to staple the fabric to the wood and prevent it from being damaged. When we use a fabric that is not specifically designed to upholster this is indispensable.



Upholstering a headboard is a project that will not take you too long and if you limit yourself to the designs of straight lines you will see that it is very easy. When carpeting a headboard with curved shapes it is important to staple the fabric with care so that no wrinkles remain.




Upholsterer nails help especially when we have two levels in the headboard to mark the line of change. Nor are they difficult to use if you practice a little previously.



At the same time that you prepare your upholstered headboard you can prepare matching curtains or a quilt. You will change your bedroom radically.


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