14 ideas of small livings with style

Do you have a living room or small living room and would you like to decorate it with a lot of charm? Although we have a limited space, there are multiple ideas to create a unique atmosphere in these small rooms with great ingenuity and, above all, much care.

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Nowadays, with the amount of resources that can be found in terms of decoration, there are solutions for all styles and decorative materials. We bring 14 proposals for small livings in very varied styles, but all of them lovely.

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One of the fundamental pieces for the show are the sofas , which can not be missing if what we intend is to create a leisure and rest area. Today in the market there are sofas of several seats that can adapt to much smaller spaces without losing a bit of comfort.

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In addition to the sofa, a center table is another essential for these beautiful spaces. By choosing suitable colors, perhaps a base in white on which other more animated colors are interspersed, we can bring a lot of light to the environment, thus enlarging the space, since it is known that the more luminous a room, the larger it will seem to us.

Small Livings 6

Small Livings 7

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You will also have to look bright colors that energize these spaces. No darkness or muted tones, we must look for a balance and fine tune the ranges of colors to create light and colorful effects, which will always animate these spaces. A good way is always adding a pinch of white, on some furniture, on the carpet or, if you prefer, on the curtains.

Small Livings 9

Small Livings 10

Small Livings 11

As for the rest of decorative elements , we can use as many as we want, adapting them to the style of our living. It is advisable not to recharge with many accessories and leave holes in sight, so that the room breathes and does not look so saturated. Therefore, it will be necessary to leave empty spaces between furniture and between the elements that make up this space. That will make the living room look beautiful and natural.

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