14 ideas of small livings to reform yours

When we want to change the decoration, reform or make better use of our living or living room, we always run into the irremediable limit of the space. A small living room is always more conditioned by that limitation obviously and requires more effort at the time of furnishing and decorating it as we want. But do not let your arms down before hours because there are many ways to decorate a small living room and that we look beautiful. Here we want to show you 14 small livings with style that surely will not leave you indifferent.


When you have a good source of natural light to the smallest of spaces it looks much bigger and especially if we use white to decorate its walls. The furniture will stand out much more and we can create an elegant environment.


But we must not forget the artificial lighting, it is important that the smaller the space the greater both natural and artificial lighting.


Although we also have to have some system to control the natural light to be able to graduate it according to the moment and occasion.


We can not forget those great allies of the small spaces, the mirrors will help the eyes to be wider and produce a wider sensation.


A small living room is a space that should invite warmth and closeness. The warm textures of textiles and synthetic skins will also help to increase this feeling.



A living does not need as many furniture as we sometimes think, above we have some good examples. The basic thing is a sitting area where you can sit back and relax, the sofa, a small coffee table and some storage furniture for the audiovisual equipment. With little else we have our living room ready.



High or low furniture? Clearly I would opt for the basses because in a small room they are less oppressive but it will also depend of course on the needs of each one.



In the end the only really important thing is to create a pleasant and personal atmosphere where we feel really at ease. After all, it is the main function that a living room should develop, as well as being a space for social relationships.



Any style can adapt perfectly to a small space, therefore we should not give up anything just because our living does not have much space available.


All the decisions are in your hands, we only intend to show you some small examples of what you can get in your small living room. Courage and the task, surely you will develop it with full success.

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