14 ideas of livings that will change your style

Renewing the decoration of your living room or living room can be as expensive as you want. Obvious that if you change the furniture of the piece completely you can spend a fortune but you can also give a new air only with some changes. Significant changes that will produce a great visual impact and that should not necessarily be very expensive. We present 14 ideas for you to live room or living room look a new look.

Room ideas 1

Introducing some color is always a great idea, especially when the decoration is predominantly based on neutral colors. The contrast between the ceiling lamps, super vintage, and the iconic standing is also very good.

Ideas rooms 2

Sea air, air traveler, the subjects that we like are a magnificent resource to decorate a space where we feel comfortable.

Ideas rooms 3

When the exterior has a large presence in the living room, as in this case, we can dare with an almost exterior design for decoration.

Ideas rooms 4

This living is a good example of how to get a great decoration without leaving all your funds in the attempt. The coffee tables are sometimes very expensive but can be replaced by two simple side tables and are perfect.

Ideas rooms 5

A large piece of furniture, with character and years behind it, is a decorative resource that never fails for the living to acquire that interesting point that it lacks.

Ideas rooms 6

A solution that is a current trend, classic furniture with striking upholstery. The classic style does not have to be bland and discolored, on the contrary, the classic style furniture is now very much upholstered in rich colors.

Ideas rooms 7

Soft tones, abundant natural lighting and we have with little more a relaxing atmosphere that invites you to sit and rest.

Ideas rooms 8

If you like shabby chic, this proposal will please you. It can also be valid for any other style of rustic flavor.

Ideas rooms 9

This living room - painting studio is a clear example that we can use a space for different purposes and also be fantastic. A space that reflects the personality of its users is a living space with character.

Ideas rooms 10

For lovers of Nordic style this proposal is perfect. While they should choose the color of the cat's rug according to the color of your pet's fur. Jokes aside, the floor in natural wood is something out of series.

Ideas rooms 11

As you can see in this proposal, combining different sofas and armchairs can create a beautiful effect. In addition, we run away from the catalog style or exhibition of furniture that is so bad.

Ideas rooms 12

In this proposal we would highlight the eclecticism, as in the previous one, although in this one the shape and the color of the sofas do not change as much. The fireplace is more rustic and that glass wall: I envy it!

Ideas rooms 13

Mirrors and golden lamps are the best allies when creating a strong, elegant and sophisticated contrast in a living room where neutral tones dominate.

Ideas rooms 14

And if you do not go risky proposals sure you like this one. Based on whites and grays it is a very nice and quiet combination. To highlight the decoration of the wall with this large mural of black and white photographs of family members.

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