14 ideas for a Scandinavian style work corner

Maybe you have your house decorated in Scandinavian style and you need to set up a work corner or have it decorated in contemporary style and you have decided to set up a work area but it retracts the impact that it may have on the decoration. Whatever project you have in mind, take a look at these 14 ideas for a Scandinavian-style work corner that we present today.

Scandinavian workspace 1

When we talk about setting up a work corner it's clear what we're talking about, is not it? I think so, it's about taking advantage of a very small part of a room dedicated to other functions to install a desk and a chair there. This basic furniture is usually complemented with another one dedicated to storage, such as shelves or drawers and filing cabinets.

Scandinavian workspace 2

The really interesting thing about mounting a work area in Scandinavian style is its low visual impact, because of the neutral colors that are normally used in that decorative style.

Scandinavian workspace 3

Although you have to monitor a little the use of white, perhaps, because in excess can be quite disturbing and cold. Add a few touches of color will allow the eye to feel more comfortable in this corner of work.

Scandinavian workspace 4

You can create a work corner behind any corner of the house. A narrow table fits anywhere and today, with computers, you will not need more in most cases.

Scandinavian workspace 5

Although we can also combine classic tables with an environment of clear Scandinavian style and looks great, like this beautiful wooden desk.

Scandinavian workspace 6

Scandinavian workspace 7

In any room of the house you can accommodate our work space, for this we will try to integrate it as best as possible in the environment, playing with colors, volumes and shapes.

Scandinavian workspace 8

Scandinavian workspace 9

Scandinavian workspace 10

First of all you have to locate the ideal place to set up your work area, look especially at the architectural peculiarities of your home and try to take advantage of unused spaces.

Scandinavian workspace 11

Scandinavian workspace 12

Surely in any home you can find one or more suitable places to create a Nordic style work area. Even when the general decoration is not made in that style, its low visual impact will facilitate its inclusion in almost any current decorative style.

Scandinavian workspace 13

Scandinavian workspace 14

With these 14 ideas that we have humbly contributed, I believe that you have no excuse to carry out your small project. And surely you will be great!

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