14 ideas deco with blackboard paint for your bathroom

Slate paint is being used more and more in home decoration and one of the spaces that can benefit the most from its virtues and qualities is the bathroom. And if you are not convinced, take a look at these 14 ideas with blackboard paint for the bathroom and maybe your opinion changes. A wide space where free our imagination or a simple touch of black color are the two ends of the wide panoply of possibilities offered by this simple decorative treatment.


It is also a decorative project that lends itself perfectly to carry it out with our own hands. DIY projects very simple, as well as using a brush. And then when the paint dries, let the imagination free and add what our inspiration demands of us.



Two very different ideas, a carefree and youthful with a wall, the countertop and a small complement painted in slate paint. The wall next to the bathtub has been decorated with inscriptions of colors in different sizes. Instead the other idea is much more concise, sophisticated and elegant because it is based simply on taking advantage of the black tone of this peculiar painting and its contrast with white, gold and old wood flooring.



A floral screen or a large octopus that looks at us when we are helpless sitting on the toilet. Simple and easy ideas to carry out in a very short time and above all with a high degree of personalization and adaptability to our changing moods.




With slate painting you can create complex, simple, fun or elegant decorations. A large graffiti space, a simple contrast wall or a striking combination with gold. It must be recognized that slate paint combined with golden accessories creates environments of great elegance.


But small charming projects can also fit like this slate attached to a hanger where you can put the name of the wearer of the bathrobe or towel. A very simple and economical way to personalize the bathroom.




A small section of wall, an old table or door or a whole wall of the bathroom are some of the ideas that can be fulfilled with this versatile material. A material that allows you a high degree of customization and great adaptability to changes.



Having a place to shout your ideas, send your messages, express your feelings in short is something as simple as decorating your bathroom with a little slate paint.

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