14 elegant feminine style desks

Everybody already knows the importance of the first impression, that impact that is lodged in the memory even without wanting and that guides all subsequent perception. The hall is the first thing you see in our house and it is important to have it well decorated to make a good impression. If you live alone or you like your house breathe femininity here you have 14 elegant receivers of feminine style to inspire you

Female style receivers 1

The light pink is a distinctly feminine color that is also trend this year to be one of the tones chosen by Pantone for 2016. But we will see more ideas to get a receiver feminine style .

Female style receivers 8

Art, style and gold are some of the elements that can help us to maintain an elegant and refined feminine air.

Female style receivers 2

The floral touch of a simple bouquet, the curves of a classic style sideboard can convey as much or more femininity than more obvious decorations.

Female style receivers 11

A small collection of women's hats will achieve the same effect in the frame of a hall in minimalist style.

Female style receivers 12

This charming romantic hall combines the roughness of rustic wood with the delicacy of satin fabric and the elegance of decorative objects.

Female style receivers 6

Female style receivers 7

Female style receivers 10

Sometimes you do not need color to transmit femininity, the textures can also be feminine. Ethnic furs and fabrics can also convey that feeling.

Female style receivers 13

Because ultimately it is about that, to convey a sensitivity or a vital attitude and not so much a simple matter of sexual identity.

Female style receivers 3

Female style receivers 4

Female style receivers 14

Let's say that this will be our task, to get the right degree of feminine elements according to our taste. We can look for it to be clear that in the house lives a woman or a slightly feminine environment that is compatible with both sexes.

Female style receivers 9

Although hard materials are usually equated with masculine and soft and soft with feminine, this is not an unbreakable division. We have to look for those things that represent us beyond the obvious.

Photos: Pinterest.com

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