14 dazzling white kitchens

The white color in decoration has its fervent followers and, of course, a good number of detractors. It is normal in the logical course of life, we can not all agree because we would no longer be human but bees or ants. To follow this vital discrepancy we show you these 14 examples that some will praise and others will denigrate adding a little sauce to life.

14 dazzling white kitchens

The open shelves are an important trend and here we have a good example of them coordinated with the wooden countertop of this white classic air kitchen. To highlight also the fantastic stone tile floor.

14 dazzling white kitchens 1

What can we say about the white color that has not already been said? There is no other option better for small and / or poorly lit spaces. And this, of course, is undeniable. Whether you like it or not.

14 dazzling white kitchens 2

If you like the color black and you want to introduce a little painting a wall with slate paint, the white color will be your best companion. White and black, so far apart, form the best couple.

14 dazzling white kitchens 3

A beach decoration does not imply that everything has to be blue. White and natural wood appear here in perfect communion to create a one hundred percent marine environment.

14 dazzling white kitchens 4

If your kitchen has classic white tiles, this is not the best time to remove them. It would be crazy with what this type of ceramic takes. Better remodel the rest and leave the tiles in place. Of course, you can review the meetings and give them a facelift.

14 dazzling white kitchens 5

The bright colors shine on a white background even when they are of low intensity. Here we see how a few touches of color animate this white kitchen.

14 dazzling white kitchens 6

Having a good base and refreshing it with a good white paint can transform any kitchen into a shabby chic or rustic French style.

14 dazzling white kitchens 7

Even if your kitchen is white you should never neglect artificial lighting. Keep in mind that at night all cats are brown! Now, yes, you will take much better advantage of the lumens of your bulbs.

14 dazzling white kitchens 8

A brick wall can be painted white to have a more harmonious whole. And you will gain a feeling of amplitude and greater luminosity.

14 dazzling white kitchens 9

Take advantage of what you have, even the jars with provisions are good on an open shelf and on a white background.

14 dazzling white kitchens 10

Having a minimalist style kitchen is usually a bit difficult when you really use it. If it's white you have a lot of work done when creating a minimalist kitchen.

14 dazzling white kitchens 11

The plants in a white kitchen bring life and Nature. To remove that feeling of coldness that is so critical to the color white. With a few plants, a rug and some rustic wooden furniture has been achieved here creating a kitchen of great warmth.

14 dazzling white kitchens 12

Modern kitchens are not required to be black. Here we have a good example that in black would be very good but in white it looks great.

14 dazzling white kitchens 13

The white appliances will be perfect in a completely white kitchen. Only with the black touch of the fires will it be enough contrast.

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