13 sustainable Christmas trees

Having an original tree and fleeing from the stereotypes so typical of these dates is possible. With reclaimed wood, either from pallets or from any other source, it is easy to make a nice Christmas tree like the ones we are going to see next.


As simple as grabbing a pallet, painting it white, adding a stump and filling it with our favorite decoration. Easy to assemble and economical, which never hurts at this time.


A few wooden boards, white and gold paint are the elements we need for this auxiliary or main tree, as we want.


If you like the Christmas spheres then there is no problem, a few nails and that's it. To hang them!


You can also resort to creating original designs with phrases and words arranged in a pyramidal form to remind you of a fir tree.


And of course it is not hard to combine the classic tree with one of wood recovered with a message.


This minimalist tree is very interesting. Easy to do and it looks really good


Another idea that will allow us to give our visitors with the messages and Christmas phrases that we like the most.


This proposal requires a little more work, basically framed, but it is very interesting.


This spike design is easy and it also looks great. The truth is that you can get fantastic designs with just a few tables and a little paint.


If your thing is green, why not paint your Christmas tree in this color?


And here we have green and red, the typical colors of Christmas for a rather atypical idea.


This idea is really lovely. A nice silhouette that is not so hard to do either.


Message and stars in red color for this white tree. As you have seen are very simple proposals that anyone can carry out without being a DIY magician. And they will be great at your house this Christmas.

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