13 magnificent kitchens from around the world

The kitchen is a very important part of the house anywhere in the world as you can see here. We hope that this tour of different countries will be as rewarding as practical. And that these 13 magnificent kitchens from all over the world help you to improve yours if you are thinking of any change.


Fantastic kitchen Moroccan with a door of madness and marble everywhere. The lattice doors are also very typical of the area.


In this kitchen Indonesia It emphasizes above all the wood and the combination of tradition and modernity.


For tradition this beautiful kitchen located in a home of Barcelona . Curiously, the doors of the wardrobes are also latticework like in the Moroccan.


Oriental air with Scandinavian flavor. This kitchen China It is attractive and very practical.


A splendid kitchen belonging to a beach house on the west coast of South Africa . Enviable!


And we continue through the Southern Hemisphere with this beautiful kitchen Argentina located in a house in Patagonia. Really lovely.



In Portugal We found this kitchen, also in a beach house, with the tile countertop, a large stone pile and the doors of the cabinets with latticework of reeds. A very natural and authentic cuisine.


What to say about this beautiful outdoor kitchen? Just admire it and say that it is in Australia .


Although it seems Nordic this kitchen is a little further south. Specifically in Britain . Natural minimalism.


In Mexico We found this kitchen in concrete with a touch of bright color.


A Nordic style kitchen with many glamorous and vintage details. It could not be less in a kitchen Sweden .


Style and audacity to combine modern and antique furniture in this kitchen french .


And we repeat with France with this rustic French style kitchen where the use of stone and reclaimed wood stands out.

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