13 ideas to decorate glass rooms in boho style

Having a terrace or another conservatory in winter is a blessing. Being able to take advantage of the scarce and weak sunlight of the station to the maximum is its sense of being. But if we also want this space to be quiet, relaxing and that it constitutes a true capsule of isolation, nothing better than to opt for the boho style . With these 13 ideas to decorate glass rooms in boho style you can start preparing yours.


The terraces and other glazed rooms can be very diverse. Side enclosures of a terrace or balcony, enclosures of completely uncovered areas, the list would be endless but the decoration will be conditioned by the architectural and geographical characteristics of the space. In short, we can have more or less light.


This will be especially important if we want to have plants in the decoration of our terrace or glazed room. Something that to a greater or lesser extent is part of this decorative style. The natural touch is indispensable in the Bohemian style.


In each case we will give you the use that we obviously prefer. From a living area, to a jacuzzi through a kitchen or a dining room.


Even a bedroom in full contact with nature or at least a resting area where we lie down and enjoy the game of shadows and stars can not be bad.




Decant to create a seating area in the sunroom is one of the most common options. A sofa, a coffee table in wood, some plants, colorful fabrics and patterns are the essential ingredients to create a typically boho space.


Craft items and ethnic fabrics can not miss either. But we can and should imbricate the decoration with the rest of the house so that it is a harmonious space and not an addition.



If our house is decorated in Nordic or minimalist style we can also create a terrace or outdoor space in boho style. In this case we will base the decoration on natural materials and on the relationship with nature.


Stone, iron and plants are a great combination that will allow us to have a boho space with a lot of character and personality.


Inside or outside, nature has a great role in the bohemian style. Views of the garden or a lot of plants scattered around the terrace will provide the natural touch we are looking for.


Softness, tranquility, relax, color and nature are the components with which we can create a space where our spirit feels at peace.

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