13 ideas to build your rest area

We are animals of customs and we need a place reserved exclusively for our rest. A simple corner where you can sit quietly, in those few minutes that the day usually allows us, and devote ourselves to reading, listening to music or simply rest and relax as we like. That place does not need to be very large, in fact it is preferable that it is not, to feel more protected and able to disconnect from everyday concerns.

Rest corners 1

We are going to see a series of ideas that will help you to create that ideal space where you can rest and move away from you all those thoughts, tasks and worries that always, can always wait a few minutes.

Rest corners 2

We can put a corner of the house for this function, as you see, you do not need many furniture or accessories. An armchair, a sofa, any furniture to sit on, a small table, a shelf to have our favorite books or our music player and little else.

Rest corners 3

Rest corners 4

If your house has any of these architectural peculiarities that you can see in the two photos above you can have a treasure. Building a bench next to the window and conditioning the area to rest while the sun caresses your skin can be a wonderful experience.

Rest corners 5

Rest corners 6

Resting corners 7

As you can see, all the ideas stand out for their extreme simplicity because that is precisely what it is about, to create quiet spaces, without great decorative devices that induce us to relax.

Rest corners 8

Rest corners 9

Rest corners 10

Your particular rest area can be located anywhere in the house and of course it is not necessary to be an exclusive stay for it. As you will have seen in many of the examples that we are showing you, most of them are located next to windows, a source of natural light will always be more relaxing than an artificial one.

Rest corners 11

Rest corners 12

Rest corners 13

Create your own resting space in a place with little traffic, ideally with natural light and as far as possible from noise and hustle and bustle. A few plants, many books and music and a soft and comfortable surface will allow you to disconnect, even a few minutes, of the daily routines.

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