13 ideas of IKEA balconies

The famous Swedish chain of distribution of furniture and decorative objects, IKEA, has developed an advertising campaign focused on transforming terraces and balconies in pleasant and especially livable places. From among them we have been able to select these 13 ideas from IKEA balconies that you can carry out if you have one of its many centers near you.


When you have a large terrace you have to consider a series of measures to take advantage of all the available space but when the only exterior space of the house is a small balcony you have to adapt to that space to get the best out of it. If you want to give a new air or use that balcony for the first time you have abandoned the first thing you have to do is a good cleaning and get rid of all those useless things that have been accumulating in the balcony suffered.


One of the shames of the poor balconies is that they end up turned into improvised storage rooms and that, of course, is not their mission. We will get rid of the objects accumulated on the balcony and then we can give it a little hand of paint. The light colors take the palm in this sense, also in outside they will help us to give sensation of amplitude.


The following may be changing or modifying the soil depending on whether we like it or not. The outdoor tile flooring options are very easy to install and for a balcony they are quite economical.


Next we will need a seating area so that it is nice to be on the balcony. A table and chairs will be the minimum expression and from them we can add armchairs, sofas or whatever our balcony admits so we can be even more comfortable.


Do not forget to install some furniture, even if it is small and simple, for storage. So we can have on hand the things we need when we are on the balcony.


Depending on the orientation of the balcony and if the size allows, we can install a pergola to create a pleasant shade area.


If we do not fit a pergola we can resort to parasols and umbrellas that are also a good solution, especially when the available space is very small.


We can find solutions for any surface, this small balcony for example has coffee table and metal chairs. And the umbrella is also specially designed for very small balconies. And it is charming with that incomparable Mediterranean flavor that it gives off.


When we do not want or can not change the floor, and this does not satisfy us, we can resort to carpets and mats of any kind. They are an economical, fast and easy solution.



From the ideas proposed by IKEA we can find a solution to the decoration of any balcony. They have furniture, decorative objects and auxiliary elements for any decorative style and that can be adapted to any space available.


And do not forget the plants, in any balcony they are an indispensable complement. And they are not worth excuses "I'm not good at plants" or "I always die" there are many types of plants and many of them do not need little attention or care. A balcony without plants is a lifeless balcony.

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