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The headboards of the beds are a first-class complement in the decoration of a bedroom and therefore we must dedicate the time and efforts that are necessary for their correct choice. When we enter a bedroom, the first thing we see is the bed, but since it is a horizontal element, it does not usually attract attention, as the headboard does, because being a vertical element that breaks the wall continuum, it easily impacts us. Taking advantage of that circumstance we have to make the headboard a point of attraction of the look that breaks the monotony and creates a strong contrast in the overall decoration of the room.

Headboards 13

These 13 options that we present you manage to create the contrast that we talked about but without forgetting that it should be well integrated into the rest of the decoration. This headboard is very simple and is available to anyone, a wood upholstered with fabric can be coordinated with a pillow whose cover is made with the same fabric.

Headboards 1

Headboards 2

Headboards 3

There are headboards for all tastes and circumstances. Made with all kinds of materials and that we can adapt to our needs. Local crafts can be a good source of inspiration to find the headboard of our dreams.

Headboards 4

Headboards 5

Headboards 6

Modern, original and classic. The first is a good example of the contemporary style of the middle of the last century, ideal to create contrast with the neutral colors of the room using the appropriate fabric. The second example is fantastic in a vintage or shabby chic environment and can be created by recovering old mirrors. Finally we have this beautiful headboard classic style that stands out more for its intricate shapes than color. The complement that is used for this purpose is on this occasion the fantastic silver table.

Headboards 7

Headboards 8

Headboards 9

Elegant headboards, sustainable or luxurious. The choice will depend on the style of your bedroom and the mission that you want your headboard to play in the general decoration of your room.

Headboards 10

Headboards 11

Headboards 12

Of course any of these headboards that we have shown does not leave anyone indifferent. I think they are good examples that will surely provide wonderful ideas for you to choose the right headboard for your particular circumstance.

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