13 deco ideas with the word LOVE

You have already seen in many places this type of decoration, the English word "SEES IT" which, as you well know, means love. Apparently it began to be used as a Valentine's decoration but has ended up being part of the usual decoration. If you like the theme you just have to take a look at these ideas to decorate with the LOVE word that we will show you next. Cool!


More small or bigger, like these that form by themselves a complete shelf. Perfect for a hall or a corridor. If you have a pet you can include it in the decoration, as you can see it is great, love and fidelity.


Most of the "LOVE" that we will find are much smaller and can have the letters horizontally or vertically in two syllables although you can also find the individual letters. This "LOVE" so stylized fits very well with this type of furniture.


You can also place them in the center of a frame and you will have a fantastic wall decoration.


Another typical place where we can place the letters in question is on the mantelpiece and combine them with a theme that we like as in this case the maps.


In the hall with a letter hanging from each hanger we have a coat rack that is a statement of intent.


And if you do not want to spend, or you can, a lot of money you can find DIY projects very attractive and simple as these made with cardboard to decorate the candle holders.


At the opposite pole we have this luminous sign that the truth is said is very good with the piano and the vintage style of the living room.


Sure you've seen these bookends, they're adorable and they look good anywhere.


And you can also combine this fashion of the word "LOVE" with other themes like this beautiful vintage suitcase.


Another example of a luminous sign, this one has the appearance of being a personal development project.


This time each letter is from a source and is only joined by the light and the wooden sign on which they are fixed.


Other times they are diluted, among other words, although in this case they are repeated with what we have two "LOVE" instead of one.


To top it off, a lovely 60s-style bookcase, in methacrylate, in which, on two levels, we can read the loving word.


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