13 daring ideas to decorate in 2016

It is good to start each new stage of our life with renewed energy and spirit. With these 13 daring ideas to decorate in 2016 we propose that you take your ingenuity and boldness to start the year on the right foot and with enough strength to develop the purposes that the previous year could not conclude.


There are 13 simple ideas, many of them very cheap, but that can mark a before and after in the decoration of your home. Small ideas to redefine and revitalize those areas of the house that do not convince you.


Mixing different chairs around the dining table is an action that you have seen many times in magazines and blogs but not so much in real life. Cheer up, it's easy and of course it's a good decorative experience.


Some works of art surprise for their simplicity and at the same time for the strong impact they can cause in any decoration. This by designer Emily Henderson is made with strings or thick colored threads and is a good example of what we are talking about.


It is very common to use a different color for a wall, such as the headboard of the bed in the bedroom, but we can go a step further and capture a geometric pattern in black and white. It is a technique that brings much interest to the decoration of any space.


The bathroom can be transformed only by changing knobs and handles of the cabinets or by renovating the taps. It is a simple operation that we can carry out personally, with a little skill, and that will give us very good results.


The barn style sliding doors are a trend and if we also paint it in an attractive color we will have a decorative element of the first order and very practical for small spaces.


Possibly you have already combined colors on many occasions, well it is a matter of going a little further and daring to combine patterns. We will start with simple geometric motifs and easy to mix colors, it is a very current and fun solution.


In an environment dominated by whites or another neutral color of a similar cut we can paint the doors black or another dark color. It is an idea that confers elegance and sobriety on the whole.


Fitting an old piece of furniture into a current decoration is another idea that is already widespread but that not everyone dares to carry out. Start with a small piece of furniture that you can even prepare yourself if it is very damaged or leave it as it is.


Painting the ceilings with geometric motifs is a very interesting option. And of course very daring, we have to study very well the idea that we have because the color and the pattern will depend on factors such as the amplitude of the room and the height of the ceiling.


Did you know that you can create a custom wallpaper from a high resolution photograph? It can be an ideal solution to give your personal touch to some corner of the house.


Coffee tables or headboards are interesting uses for furniture that have nothing to do with them in principle. Unexpected objects converted into new furniture, a groundbreaking idea that may be the perfect solution to create a special environment.


Hanging small terrariums is a good way to give a natural touch to any part of the house while being very decorative.


Exterior doors are usually painted in sober and sober colors that denote little imagination. But we can break that routine scheme with a little color, combining colors in the entrance door allows you to mark the difference already from the entrance.

Photos: Pinterest.com

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