13 beautiful ideas to have a vintage room

You can not say that the vinta ge is a feminine style but the truth and at least talking about rooms does have a clear romantic feel that is fantastic in the bedroom of any female of any age. In this article we collect a selection of wonderful ideas so you can create your best vintage style room.


The vintage style It offers us great possibilities and great adaptability. It is a very eclectic style that will allow us to use very different furniture and accessories. We can create our fully customized vintage room. From a discreet air and based on neutral colors.


Even more dramatic solutions with strong visual impact. How to use more vivid colors and floral prints that will form a bolder image.



And in between an almost infinite diversity will allow us to adapt our room to our personal taste and our particular needs.


A good headboard, like the one in the upper image, complemented by some appropriate auxiliary elements plus textiles with flavor, is a simple way to decorate a room in vintage style.


Or with a canopy as special as this one that only insinuates but is very decorative. It gives a very interesting romantic touch to the room, quite simple enough.



If we want a more sober vintage without those shabby chic reminiscences we can have it using neutral colors, it will be important then to add some texture so that the decoration is not too uniform.


The good thing about vintage style is that it allows us from an authentic recreation of an old bedroom to a clearly current air with pieces that breathe tradition.


Nor can we ignore a vintage style with a certain unfinished air that, in addition to being very modern, has a particular charm. Although it may only be suitable for people with a lot of character and personality.


The straight and simple lines also have room in a bedroom decorated in vintage style. As we said in a previous example we only have to provide texture so that it does not lose that vintage character that we are looking for.



Between Rococo luxury and unfinished materials we can find our own vintage style to create the room of our dreams.

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