12 ways to relive your patio

Winter has passed and the patio is once again a vital space in the house. After the abandonment hibernal is normal that our patio is something gray and affected by the climatic elements of that harsh season. It is time to start living again outside the home and the patio will need a set-up to make it attractive. We are going to see a dozen of tips that will help you to revive your patio, give it new life and make it more alive and current.

Ideas to transform the patio 1

The fabrics As we know they are a decorative element of the first order and they allow great transformations with little investment and work. Changing the cushion covers will be an easy way to renovate our patio.

Ideas to transform the patio 2

We can also install carpets in our patio to change the look and also to make the stay more comfortable.

Ideas to transform the patio 3

A umbrella Apart from its clear practical function, it is also a way to add color and verticality to the design of our patio. An easy solution and not too expensive.

Ideas to transform the patio 4

The old furniture They can be recovered with a simple coat of paint. It does not take much more, even the fabric of the cushions can benefit from a simple transformation using a little paint.

Ideas to transform the patio 5

The shade is an essential good in the patio, especially in summer, there are many ways to get a shaded area in our patio. The gazebos or pergolas can be found in a wide range of prices, sure we find some of these elements that can accommodate our budget.

Ideas to transform the patio 6

Creating a small private space is easy to achieve thanks to the curtains that we can add to our pergola. A little more intimacy always comes in handy when it comes to enjoying our patio.

Ideas to transform the patio 7

Ideas to transform the patio 8

Ideas to transform the patio 9

The decoration of our outdoor space will be important for us to feel comfortable. The light It is one of the elements to take care especially to enjoy the summer nights. There our taste is the one that should guide us to choose the most appropriate solutions in each case.

Ideas to transform the patio 10

Ideas to transform the patio 12

Providing our patio with all the necessary elements for our comfort is a good way to transform it and at the same time convert it into a more habitable space. From a simple table to have breakfast to a complete outdoor kitchen. Our personal circumstances are the only ones that will mark the limit.

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