12 tips to have the closet of your dreams

The dressing room or closet is the space that after visiting the bathroom we visit every morning. Our wardrobe is kept there and, in order for it to effectively fulfill its function, it must meet a series of characteristics. What woman, and many men more and more, does not sigh to have the dressing room of their dreams?

Closet or dressing room 1

  • The first step in composing the ideal dress for our needs is to walk around it and see everything that we keep in it. Once we have clear what we want to conserve we will have to separate by categories the garments and other items that we have in the closet.
Next we will consider the optimization of available space . Take advantage of the height of the room to the maximum and all the empty corners. Have enough hangers, bars and hangers to take full advantage of the different departments of each wardrobe. The Mirrors They are essential in a dressing room to quickly and efficiently see our appearance with the different clothes chosen.

Closet or dressing room 2

  • Give a personal touch to cloóset adding objects and furniture of our liking . The dressing room should give the feeling of a personal space, not that of a cold and aseptic place as if it were a clothing store.
  • Use wallpaper to highlight and accent a well-lit wardrobe wall or door.
  • Different shoe storage systems , flat shelves, angled, bars, drawers, will allow your organization and the dressing of the dressing room at the same time.
  • The hanging bars clothes with hangers are the most efficient method in the use of space and the best way to keep clothes in good condition.

Closet or dressing 3

  • A correct lighting It is essential in the closet to find the clothes we need and perceive the colors in their real appearance. LED lights on the clothes hangers will help us in that task.
  • Arrange the necessary accessories for jewelry and costume jewelery . A container on a piece of furniture for the most used and a jewelery box to store the rest.
  • Add a touch of color so that the set is not so monotonous. An armchair, some flowers or any complement that makes us feel in a room more of the house and not inside a closet.
  • Generally the cupboards are placed on the walls of the dressing room but if the size of the same allows it we can also use the central space. The use of glass doors for cabinets will give us feeling of spaciousness.

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