12 impressive and luxurious hotel rooms

There are many things that can make a hotel stand out from the competition. Some hotels have great restaurants, others have incredible views and others, like these, have impressive rooms that make their guests enjoy a memorable and comfortable stay. Each of these hotels offers unique designs in their bedrooms full of character and charm.

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At Seven Hotel from Paris you can find a variety of unique suites with decorations inspired by different themes, above we have the Agent Secret suite inspired by the James Bond world. Located in a privileged location, the Latin Quarter, close to the Luxembourg Gardens, this is a 4-star boutique hotel that aims to offer a different experience.

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The Suite Sublime offers us a refined and romantic universe that has a huge floating round bed of 250 cm and a spa bath for two people. Its futuristic, cozy and comfortable design offers fiber optic lighting, cozy corners and many curtains to preserve privacy.

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Zaya Nurai Island Resort , located on the coast of Abu Dhabi, is a wonderful destination for those seeking peace and relaxation. The complex combines architecture and contemporary design with traditional elements, resulting in a very attractive and comfortable balance. The views from the rooms are simply amazing and the floor to ceiling windows allow you to enjoy them to perfection.

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The simple fact of being on a private island allows the total and absolute enjoyment of the sea, which is right next to the suite. Ideal to let your eyes get lost in the ocean.

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The Retreat Selous of Tanzania is a different experience to discover the passion for Africa in a natural way and close to that of the old Anglo-Saxon explorers. There are 12 suites that combine local materials with genuine African antiquities and dreamlike views.

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The Vliegtuigsuite Teuge It is neither more nor less than a 40-meter long German airplane converted into a suite for two people. It has a sauna and jacuzzi, a kitchen, dining room and a very cozy bedroom with a platform bed. It is located at the Teuge airport in the Netherlands.

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The uniqueness of Puerta América Hotel It comes from the fact that it was designed by Zaha Hadid. The hotel rooms are spectacular, its innovative design with flowing and sinuous lines offers a futuristic look while creating a very pleasant atmosphere. The combination between the artistic vision of the designer and the complex technology he has is certainly impressive.

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The Yeatman It is a thematic hotel related to the world of wine and we immediately grasp it with that wonderful four-poster bed inspired by a huge wine barrel. The colors and lighting are warm and the decor is a mix between modern and classic.

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Located at an altitude of 1,400 meters in the Swiss Alps, the Whitepod It needs little more to be an amazing hotel. The views are impressive but without doubt the whole concept behind this luxury complex is to make us feel in a very special and completely different place. The complex consists of 15 "Pod" or hemispherical receptacles formed by a structure of triangles with the latest technology that offer everything, including wood stoves, bathrooms and very nice decorations. Its interiors are very cozy, with traditional furniture, precious fabrics and antiques of local origin.

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In the case of the hotel Klaus K In Helsinki the interior design is centered around the Finnish national epic, the epic poem Kalevala. The interior design of the rooms mixes Scandinavian elements with details inspired by folklore. There is a very good balance of styles and features such as a futuristic bed or a chandelier that are complemented by velvet sofas and simple furniture.

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Located just two blocks west of Times Square, the Yotel is a contemporary hotel that offers its guests four bars, two lounges, a Japanese-style restaurant, as well as a series of minimalist suites with views of Manhattan's skyscrapers. Its interior designs are simple and futuristic with round beds and indirect ambient lighting.

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The Lion Sand Game Reserve , in South Africa, offers you the unique opportunity to eat and sleep under the stars of the African sky. A set of tree houses offer accommodation with four-poster bed and private dining room with seating area, all under a dizzying sky full of as many stars as you could ever imagine.

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The Bambu Indah It is located in Bali, Indonesia, and is composed of a collection of old Java houses that have been restored and decorated with items such as Ethiopian rawhide benches, Tibetan and Moroccan rugs as well as Chinese decorative objects. Some even offer transparent floors that allow you to enjoy unparalleled water views.

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The Manta Underwater Room is right next to the Tanzanian island of Pemba and is part of the Manta Resort . It is formed by a cube-shaped structure with an underwater bedroom and a two-story wooden house on top. The structure is surrounded by water and the bedroom has windows so that guests can admire the underwater world.

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