12 ideas to decorate and transform the corridor

We pay close attention to the different rooms of the house, both those of private life, bedrooms and bathrooms, as the relationship, living rooms and kitchens but we systematically forget some areas that are also part of the house. Even the receivers are usually paid more attention but to this backbone of the house, the corridor, we barely dedicate a moment. We will try to do it justice and decorate it as it deserves.

Deco corridors 1

The hall is the common thread from the hall to the other rooms of the house, its function is clear that it is above all practical but this is not an obstacle for us to have it well arranged, elegant and beautiful. Also, if we change the point of view, we can find more uses than the one that has traditionally been assigned.

Deco corridors 2

We can decorate your walls to give an effect of transition place, between hall and living, which will give you more warmth and personality. In this case a decoration of frames with photos and decorative objects gives it a very familiar look.

Deco corridors 3

An elegant and stately corridor, with its marble floor and everything. A good example if we like the style and we are lucky to have such a wonderful hallway, it looks more like an avenue!

Deco corridors 4

Clean and simple, minimalist and an extension, by its shape and proximity, the hall. This is a fairly common circumstance and it is not a bad idea, in these cases, to decorate it in the same style and manner as the hall.

Deco corridors 5

The corridors between different rooms of the house invite you to create intimate and warm spaces so that the transition from one place to another is pleasant.

Deco corridors 6

Deco corridors 7

Show room, hall, place of passage, the hall can fulfill many missions and all successfully. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on your decoration, just give it a little attention and with a few details we will greatly improve its appearance.

Deco corridors 8

When the width of the corridor is sufficient we can take advantage of one side to install cabinets and shelves that will give us an important extra space for storage. This charming and practical library is a clear example, the lower part is occupied by cupboards and the upper one by the shelves. It is a good combination because if the cabinets covered the wall to the ceiling they would cause a feeling of overwhelm and lack of space.

Deco corridors 9

But there are more solutions and some really original ones. The hallway can be your place of work and storage for your free time tasks, your hobbies can find a place in it.

Deco corridors 10

In the same way it can be the place to store and exhibit your collections. This cabinet with metallic shell handles is exceptional and the solution of the paper lamps to make the space warmer is simple, fun and very effective.

Deco corridors 11

Deco corridors 12

Hallways and distributors are, in short. one more space of your house and they will contribute their grain of sand to the general decoration only with dedicating them a moment of your time. We hope these ideas will help you in this regard.

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