12 ideas for kitchen fronts

The kitchen front has an eminently practical function, to avoid splashes that may occur in the work area affect the wall, but it is also an important area to create a contrast and interest effect. We show you below twelve ideas for the decoration of this area, ideas that meet both objectives, practical and aesthetic.

Kitchen front ideas 1

Metal container cutouts of transport is the daring proposal of the designer John Whitmarsh. To give an industrial look to the kitchen.

Kitchen front ideas 2

Another very current effect is the one that proposes this decoration, different d tile designs with traditional japanese patterns to create a patchwork effect.

Kitchen front ideas 3

Mosaic style tiles in black and white that reproduce the geometry of the shelf placed on them.

Kitchen front ideas 4

This time it's about getting a effect on horizontal bands using rectangular tiles in different designs.

Kitchen front ideas 5

Other geometric effect , zigzag on this occasion, also using several colors that combine perfectly with the kitchen and the hood in stainless steel.

Kitchen front ideas 6

Monochrome tiles that combine different designs for a classic and modern air kitchen at the same time.

Kitchen front ideas 7

Laminate with marble effect have combined to create this design in chevron with a part of the budget that would be if it were real marble.

Kitchen front ideas 8

White tiles with relief They bring a classic touch to this modern and contemporary kitchen. Very elegant and refined idea although maybe not very practical.

Kitchen front ideas 9

Give a touch of distinction to a kitchen in neutral tones is one of the missions reserved for kitchen fronts decorated with striking designs. In this example, a classic aspect is used in the black and white tiles so that he creates an interesting contrast with the rest of the kitchen .

Kitchen front ideas 10

Not as striking as others but this kitchen front is very elegant and original because of the disposition of the Metro style tiles installed on a dark grout to give color and above all definition.

Kitchen front ideas 11

Another idea based on recycling, Decorated skateboard board cutouts , a risky, fun and very Californian idea.

Kitchen front ideas 12

Tiles in metallic finish Can combine with various colors. An elegant solution that brings a sophisticated air to the kitchen.

Photos: design-milk.com

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