12 design rooms for girls

In that intermediate world between childhood and adolescence, each girl's room becomes her own territory, a private world built with her most personal objects. The following are twelve design proposals to create different small universes according to the personality of their owner.

Girls rooms 1

The contrast between the chocolate wall and the pink tones of the room plays with that idea between innocence and the step to maturity. The furniture is practical, giving all the prominence to accessories and dolls.

In this other it is evident the creation of two separate environments: a well-equipped study area, and the place for rest. The red curtains create a small fantasy world to match the delicacy of white, pink and orange, full of light.

Rooms girls 2

This bedroom has an undoubted vintage charm, the most glamorous and luminous vintage style. On the wall stand the pictures with the initials of the name on a huge and fluffy bed.

Girls rooms 3

Artistic and spacious, this room has a special charm, especially thanks to the strength of the gray of its walls.

Girls rooms 4

A bit of 'shabby chic' for this spacious and bright room with a lot of space to play.

Rooms girls 5

With a more fantasy environment, this other proposal takes advantage of the walls both for decoration and to maximize the space with different levels of shelves.

Girls Rooms 6

Beautiful and comfortable, the following proposal is inspired both as a playground and as a retreat. Each detail is unique and shows different shades of pink to recreate much more feminine worlds.

Girls rooms 7

With retro nuances and very practical elements we can highlight in the room a comfortable place for the girls to dedicate time, in addition to fun and play, to study.

Rooms girls 8

Floral airs, childhood and space for fun can be protagonists of each bedroom in a very special way, recreating an intimate world where the teenager studies, but also grows, plays and dreams awake.

Girls rooms 9

Rooms girls 10

Rooms girls 11

Finally, this proposal in which different prints are combined in an effective way and is thought, above all, in the importance of having a good place to store clothes, books, magazines and all kinds of personal items that our girls go to thank

Girls rooms 12

Photos: hgtv.com

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