12 design armchairs that invite to rest

When the weekend approaches, images like the ones shown below are almost irresistible. One is already a little tired and is heavy in going home to rest. Even though it does not possess one of these design marvels. Seeing these magnificent armchairs designed and designed with the intention of providing the user with a new rest experience . And this without forgetting the decorative function.

Design armchairs 1

And to decorate this exceptional armchair, the POWER'NAP , designed by Ninna Helena Olsen, inspired by origami He is able to fill any room with his mere presence. We assume that it will be comfortable even though it reminds us too much of a dentist's chair, at least in the position it offers the user.

Design armchairs 2

The Cradle it is an armchair that is a simple wooden hemisphere well fluffy and that is irremediably tender and cozy. One imagines oneself there in full regression to the most tender childhood.

Design armchairs 3

Speaking of childhood this armchair or whatever we want to call it seems like a giant hot wheels track . An elegant and modern way of those old double chaise longues of yesteryear. Designed by Victor Alemán, it allows you to join several loops to create a great spiral.

Design armchairs 4

Simple designs always have that special touch like these pillows united by their ends and stuffed with small polystyrene beads . Is called Hanabi and it has been designed motoWASABI. Like jumping on a pile of dry leaves, that's the image that conveys this beautiful idea.

Design armchairs 5

Something comfortable, practical and elegant. Probably that's what the buyer of Sleeper Couch by Ana Lorenz. A chaise longue with built-in sleeping bag. A versatile and functional furniture, ideal for a bachelor apartment .

Design armchairs 6

This sporty design is perfect for sports fans on TV. Or simply to rest the aching body after a hard day's work. Playful and relaxing at the same time, Feel Seating System Deluxe , allows many positions according to the placements 120 foam balls what it's made of .

Design armchairs 7

A sofa that I hug you when nobody does ? This one designed by Inga Sempé is probably the only one that can do it. A substitute that can go well at certain times.

Design armchairs 8

Blandito is a creation of Oradaria Design that can adopt infinite positions from something similar to a children's activity blanket until sleeping bag for two , that dream of youth.

Design armchairs 9

The armchair of Daisuke Motogi It's like a miniature bed that allows you to rest on a pile of mattresses . Almost like sleeping on a cloud.

Design armchairs 10

East rocking chair and armchair hybrid It is from the Varier brand. A strange design that augurs an enormous and joyful rest, although if you are very, very hard worker you can also continue doing your tasks on it.

Design armchairs 11

A great idea by James Uren that allows multiple uses and positions. Ideal for small apartments for your great versatility , armchair, stool, sofa, bed and whatever we can think of.

Design armchairs 12

Two minimalist creations by a Finnish designer, Ulla Koskinen. The My (above) and the Roo (below) are like large bags of cereals or pulses . To lie on Friday and not get up until next Monday.

Photos: design-milk.com

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