12 decorations with very original candles

Fire is still a very important element for humans, we carry it maybe inscribed in our genes and its domain raised us over the rest of creation. It is the most basic source of light and heat, it makes us feel comfortable and relaxed. Let's see 12 decorations with candles very original that will show us the great possibilities offered by this simple accessory in the improvement of our everyday environment or for any celebration.


We will see very simple and elegant ideas to decorate with candles and different supports for them anywhere in the house. And either inside or outside. First of all remember that you always have to adopt simple security measures when we have candles lit at home. Use containers to avoid falling and above all never leave a candle lit when you leave home.


In any bookstore or bookshelf you have a couple of stacked books you will have a great candle on top. Use a good candlestick as a safety measure. The candles that go in crystal glasses are ideal for this task and super safe.


We can also prepare an outdoor lighting with candles. We only need some canned food, cable and some candles. We will have fantastic industrial design lamps to decorate the garden.


A wreath with a candle hanging on the window is a statement of intent. The lighthouse that will guide the return home.


This fantastic centerpiece made with wood, stones, water and candles is gorgeous. Very decorative and practical, as well as symbolic.


If you live in a cold place, try making these ice lamps. You just have to fill a bottle or any container with water and introduce some object inside that we can take out when the water has frozen. Very symbolic too, the ice and the fire together.


Chandeliers, lanterns and crystal vases here make up a natural lighting based on candles that will be ideal for a romantic dinner in the garden.


The flowers combine very well with the candles, the color, the play of lights and shadows. You can use this composition as a decoration for any room or as a centerpiece.


With the glass bottles that we have already emptied, especially those made of wine and other beverages, lamps and lanterns as decorative as this one can be prepared.


Another example of feminine decoration based on flowers and candles. It will look great in your dresser!


The canned cans, provided they are made of glass, are excellent candlesticks because of their shape and strength. They will give us an informal, industrial and sustainable touch to our decoration.


The truth is that candlelight combines well with all natural materials. The wood recovered from the sea or driftwood is very well with the lighting of the candles.


Glass, candles, water and some small succulents are enough to mount an excellent decoration for any place in the house.

Photos: Pinterest.com

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