12 bedrooms decorated with wallpaper

The painted paper it is an economical way to change the appearance of a certain room without having to resort to professional help, since we can place it ourselves with a little skill.
Striped, with flowers, polka dots, borders, starsâ ?? |? There is a whole decorative universe waiting for you. Below, we show you a selection of ideas to enter the subject and choose the one you like the most and with which your home feels most favored.

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There are prints for all tastes, as many as we can imagine. Choosing the model that suits our bedroom is a matter of selecting with care and patience, and above all to be consistent with the rest of the decoration. Try to avoid too strong colors, or at least be combined with white. Flee from stridencies and experiments. The paper should illuminate the room, but not turn it off or darken it.

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Before going to work in the process of wallpapering the bedroom, make sure that the surface of the wall is clean and dry. That is to say, there should not be holes, humidities, electrical outlets in the middle, wiring or remains of another previous wall-paper. If there are, scrape the excess surface or cover the openings with putty.

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The baby's bedroom, another place very appropriate to wallpaper with reasons that favor the rest of the newborn.

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Apply the glue on the paper with care and always leave about three centimeters of extra space on the paper, to avoid being too short on the wall. As for the drying time, it will vary according to the type of paper chosen, so always bear in mind the indications specified by the manufacturer. For the rest, it is a very simple and fast task; If you work as a team, you will get a good result in a short time and the bedroom will have a different and improved appearance. This task is also valid for other rooms in the house.

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