11 inspiring baby rooms

When the first baby is expected we are assaulted by a thousand and one questions of gigantic proportions. We do not know anything about how to treat that little being that we are going to bring to the world or where we are going to place it. Should we prepare a room for him alone? Are you going to sleep in the parents' room? Doubts and more doubts that must be cleared naturally; looking for the information we need, asking our mothers, that great well of wisdom, and making use of common sense. To help you in this difficult task we have prepared these inspiring baby rooms that will surely help you in choosing the ideal place for the new prince or princess of the house.

baby rooms

As in almost everything in decoration neither in this subject there is a standard to fulfill or a magic recipe since the election of the suitable space will depend on the dimensions and the number of rooms that your house has. It is simply about finding a place where you can be comfortable with your baby, where you can have it with all the guarantees of security while you are doing other things in the house. And also where you can feed it in those first months so important for its natural development.



A warm and comfortable place, where you feel comfortable and that is as far as possible from noise sources. This is basically the main enemy to fight when you have a baby at home.


Many people choose what will later be the baby's room when he grows up. Obviously the furniture will have to be changed afterwards, although there are also currently on the market furniture designs that grow with the baby and can transform the cribs into bed and other accessories in the appropriate to a child's age.


Feeling comfortable is creating a space that you like, according to the decoration of your home and that meets a few requirements to make it a good room for babies. We have talked about noise, we must also talk about temperature, light and color. The baby needs a regular temperature, without exaggerated ascents and descents and natural light. The window must have good curtains or blinds that allow to adjust the intensity of the light that enters the room so that the baby can sleep.


The color also has an important role, we will try to escape from too strong colors and we will remain with the luminous colors, pastel and neutral tones that can help us to increase the ambient luminosity when there is not a good natural light input.


The basic furniture to compose a room for baby are the crib, the changing table, a dresser or console to store your clothes and we can also add a closet if we have enough space.


Although if our baby is a girl we can always resort to pink tones if they are to our liking. We can set up a beautiful room for our little princess.


The neutral backgrounds with touches of color are also very pleasant and valid to create a modern and avant-garde unisex atmosphere.



Yes, we are talking about rooms for babies but when space is small or we prefer to have our baby nearby, especially at night, we can create a small corner in our room to fulfill that purpose. A basket or mini-cot are ideal for the first months of life and with a few more complements we will have the problem solved.


Finally we can not forget the armchair, rocking chair or a mixture of both, it is a piece of furniture that is very practical to breastfeed the baby and cradle it between the arms to encourage sleep. It is also a great ally for that mother-child relationship that you must be building from the birth.

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