11 ideas to improve your outdoor dining

The season of spending leisure time outdoors is already here, so if you have not started to fix your outdoor dining now is the time. If you have a balcony, a patio or a terrace with these 11 ideas to improve your outside dining you can infuse style and functionality.


If your furniture is metal or wood at one time or another of your life you will feel the passage of time and the effects of the weather. Before beginning the season give them a review and if necessary apply a new coat of paint or wood oil.


This idea, like Westwing's, is original and very simple! To add a touch of color to your chairs, place a towel on the backrest, it will have the same effect that we usually get with the cushions in other spaces of the house.


The hard surfaces will appreciate a touch of texture and softness, these sheep skins fulfill that purpose perfectly. And they are as decorative as they are practical.


A corner as romantic and charming as this one deserves a lighting to its height. The crystal lanterns for candles are very decorative, they give a vintage or oriental touch according to the chosen model, and also protect the flame of the wind with which they are also very practical.


Drinking during the meal or having an aperitif or a drink afterwards is something inevitable and an indissoluble part of summer. Plan this point by placing a small bar in a cart or other similar piece of furniture so that your guests have the drinks at their fingertips.


Outside, the striped pattern in the style of old bathing sheds never goes out of style. It is striking, vibrant and timeless, the summary of effortless elegance. The striped upholstery, a parasol or a striped patterned cushion will add a classic and sophisticated touch to your outdoor dining room.


To have good centerpieces for the whole summer nothing like succulent plants. The cut flowers wither quickly but the crasuláceas allow you to create a beautiful decoration that is not demanding and very durable.


Consider the possibility of placing pedestals, hanging baskets or any other system that allows you to place the plants at a certain height. You will get an interesting effect and a certain tropical air.


The ornamental objects are a great option to decorate an outdoor table, do not need maintenance and bring an artistic touch. Make sure before they are resistant to the weather.


This example shows us that a outdoor dining It can look fantastic even decorated in white. The advantage is that everything we add will stand out enormously.


It is also interesting to flee from obsessive perfectionism and let the furniture tell its story like this old and worn table with its corresponding chairs. You just need a center of succulents and good accessories, a tablecloth, a bucket for champagne and some beautiful crockery and glassware to look fantastic.


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