11 ideas to decorate the table with terrariums

Terrariums are a charming way of introducing Nature into interior decoration. They can also be used to decorate a table, replacing or complementing the classic floral arrangements. With these ideas to decorate the table with terrariums you will have a fresh and green touch on your table.


For this purpose we will opt for mini terrariums because it will always be much easier to find a hole in the table. And as you can see here they can be supplemented with some flowers and plants without any problem.


For a minimalist style table we can use mini terrariums made with aerial plants like these tillandsias that can be combined with the occasional succulent plant.


Although we can also use a large terrarium, in this case better place it off the table, installed on a side table.


To use them as centerpieces, when it is naked, we can also use large or medium-sized terrariums.


You can hardly see them in this image but these tiny terrariums with the appearance of light bulbs are very elegant in this minimalist table.


When there is plenty of space or if we want our table to have an important green touch we can use this technique, it consists of placing an old branch of a tree and on it fixing the aerial plants. Small terrariums have also been used for each dish.


The moss terrariums are amazing because of their deep green and that bit of Irish countryside appearance. You can place some small ornamental complement like this small, and false, amanita muscaria.


With an old or new cup of tea or coffee with milk you can create a fantastic terrarium in minutes. Activated carbon for the base, substrate and moss and on top of it a couple of pineapples and some setitas that can be artificial without any problem.


Even with an orchid, plus the previous ingredients, you can mount a nice terrarium for any occasion or to have it continuously in our house.


This modern terrarium also integrates the still life represented by these dry branches. The base of the terrariums can also be gravel, ordinary sand or colors, there are endless possibilities.


As for the containers we can find a lot in the shops and shops of decoration and gardening but we can reuse glass containers as we see in this proposal.

Via: shelterness

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