11 ideas for a stylish dining room

Many people reserve their dining room for social gatherings and other more or less formal events. So they usually enable an area in the kitchen, normally, to use as a daily dining room. It is a good option when you have enough space but do not have to give up that dining room is not a comfortable place, elegant and stylish.

Dining idea 3

The good thing about these informal dining rooms is that we can launch and try things that maybe we would not dare in the formal dining rooms. Funny colors, combination of disparate chairs, all those proposals that we see in the magazines and we would never dare to use in our dining room.

Dining idea 1

Dining idea 2

Dining idea 4

As you will see in the proposals that we have collected for you, another advantage that these informal spaces have is that we can do as eclectic as we want and gather in them very different elements without any concern. An informal dining room is just that, informal, and we can assemble it with leftover pieces from other rooms and sometimes a good coat of paint to create a good integration of such disparate elements.

Dining idea 5

Dining idea 6

Dining idea 7

Dining idea 8

When the kitchen allows it, it is a very interesting option to study the creation of a bench with a hollow interior that will allow us to create a large seating area and increase the storage capacity of the kitchen at the same time.

Dining idea 9

Dining idea 10

Dining idea 11

You will have seen that there are many options to decorate a casual dining room in the kitchen. Something we should not forget when we want to make a decoration of this kind, informal, in any space does not mean that anything goes. You have to study very well the elements that we want to combine to find a link between them and this does not mean that they can not be of very different origin, on the contrary, but there must be some interrelation between them at the level of color, shape, time and origin.

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