10 ways to have a greener kitchen

No, it's not painting it in neon green ... ha, ha, ha ... I'm sorry I could not avoid the easy joke, we are obviously referring to trying to make our kitchen as ecological and sustainable as we can. And for this it will not be necessary to renounce design and comfort since we can worry about the environment and have a beautiful and practical kitchen. Let's see how we can achieve it with these ten tips that we show you below.

Ecological cuisine 1

Use stainless steel for furniture and kitchen accessories and glass countertops are options committed to the environment. Since 70% of stainless steel used in kitchen sinks for example is recycled and the same goes for countertops where recycled glass rises up to 95% in its manufacture.

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Create a Green Point for the waste disposal in our kitchen it can rob us some space but it is a good way to participate in the selective collection of the different waste generated by a home.

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One of the best ways to contribute to sustainability from the kitchen of our house is reduce the consumption of water and electricity . For this we have to worry about the energy efficiency of our appliances and the water consumption they have. Washing machines and dishwashers are the main ones involved in the consumption of water and electricity, so we will try to buy the ones that have the best classification, AAA in terms of electricity consumption and consume less water.

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As for the dishwasher we must bear in mind that although we have the best qualified in terms of energy and water consumption if we use it half-loaded we are spending 75% of the energy that we would use with it at full load. So we'll just put on going the dishwasher when it's full .

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The cleaning products we use also greatly affect the environment. So we will try to acquire and use only biodegradable and ecological cleaning products . And do not forget everything that can be done with products such as sodium bicarbonate and vinegar, which are the most ecological cleaning products.

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We started the article with the joke of painting but this is also a serious issue for ecology. The use of paints with solvents is not at all respectful with the environment. We will try to use clean, water-based paints and free of solvents more aggressive with the environment.

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We have lots of home appliances connected to the electricity network and in the standby position, this represents an electricity consumption that, although low, is constant and at the end of the month is reflected in a significant number of kilowatts, according to the International Energy Agency, between 5% and 10% of a household's electricity consumption is wasted in this foolish way. So disconnect them when you do not use them these appliances that have standby.

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We talked about steel and glass as materials with a high rate of recycling at the beginning of the article but this does not prevent us from using furniture and wooden floors in our kitchen. But we must be inquisitive and interested in the origin of the wood with which these furniture and floors have been made. Nowadays all the manufacturers emphasize well the origin of its raw material when it comes to sustainable wood, that is to say that it fulfills a series of requirements regarding its production, but they usually ignore this information.

Ecological cuisine 9

One of the most ecological practices that we can carry out in decoration is recycling, reuse of old furniture and accessories to give them a new life and a new use if necessary. Simple, logical and very practical.

Organic cuisine 10

The kitchen floor It is another space that requires attention, its coating must also be involved in this task of turning our kitchen into a green kitchen. The linoleum is a product that is made with products such as linseed oil and pine resin, therefore comes from renewable sources. The bamboo It is also a renewable raw material, much more than wood because it takes less time to grow bamboo than any other tree. The cork It is also an ecological option since the harvesting of the bark of the cork oak, the cork, is done with the live tree and without causing great damage.

Photos: housetohome.co.uk

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