10 ways to give summer air to the bathroom

Who would give a summer air to your bathroom? Well come and follow us, we'll show you 10 ways to give summer air to the bathroom that are tremendously simple.


Is there anything more summery than the sea? In this bathroom the lower half of the wall has been painted with an intense navy blue.


This wallpaper of nice African reminiscences, for the ostrich with its head under the ground, is another good idea. The green touch of the plants can not miss either.


Primary colors such as yellow and red often evoke the vibrant hues of summer. The yellow bathtub is a focal point of great intensity for this striking bathroom.


This wallpaper with organic motif, ferns or marine plants, also brings back memories of Nature.


The orange tones and other warm colors bring us the memory of the sunny places where we have spent our vacations.


Black and white can also give a fresh and summery touch to our bathroom.


Here the allusion is very clear. The marine theme imposes itself to the clear ones and it is left of subtleties.


Natural textures like those of these wicker baskets are a good option to bring marine air to our bathroom.


The rainforest of this wallpaper is a clear remembrance of vacation destinations. A reminder for all the hard and long winter.


The nautical flags are also a good reference. Discreet as we see in this case, ideal for a white and minimalist bathroom.

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