10 ways to get your dream room

It happens quite often when you decorate your house, either for the first time or in a reform, that you spend most of the budget in the living room, the kitchen and other pieces of common use and leave for the end your room. The budget has decreased considerably and you face the decoration of your bedroom with few resources but with these 10 ways to get your dream room you will not need much investment to decorate it.


There are 10 simple tricks that give a lot of packaging and appearance but are really very low budget. You will also fable if you want to renovate your room and for whatever reason you do not want to get into complicated reforms.


This simple transformation made in the closet doors can not be simpler. They have been used, as you can see, ceiling moldings for lamps, so you get to give them that point of sophistication that you want.


Painting, as you already know, is the economic resource par excellence to transform any room. In the bedroom painting the walls is already a renovation. If you also want to achieve an elegant result, decant with a bold color for one of the walls. This brown wall combined with the golden lamp is great.


A vintage furniture, quality, can become the key piece of decoration of your room. In second-hand stores or street markets you can find some at a good price if you look good. A coat of varnish or paint can perfectly match it.


Bedding also plays a big role when it comes to decorating a room. The good is usually expensive but in some large chains specializing in household linen we can find very interesting sets of sheets and quilts and at affordable prices.


It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on a bed. You can have a well elegant only with a bed base with legs that we will dress correctly with an elegant skirt. It will be fantastic to look at and no one will notice the difference.


A good DIY project like this exhibitor and jewelry organizer can be carried out with an economic framework, a board to use as a support and a little cloth to decorate it.


Having a four-poster bed is the most elegant and sophisticated and can be as simple as hanging a curtain. This canopy is made with curtain rods fixed to the ceiling surrounding the bed and the corresponding curtains. Elegant and very economical.


This fantastic lamp is made with an extendable bathroom mirror, of those used for makeup, and a lamp kit with an interesting light bulb. It is very economical and extremely decorative.


Carpets are also a good decorative complement for a bedroom and do not need to spend much. According to our taste we can choose a large carpet for the whole bed, it should stand out in all its outline, or a smaller one for a side or both.


Nor is it essential to spend money on bedside tables, lately we have seen many ideas like this, a chair can be used as such. And any piece of furniture similar in size to a bedside table can also look good.

Photos: Pinterest.com

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