10 ways to decorate your pergola

Summer is coming and you want to spend the morning of Saturday working in the garden. But after we deserve a break and have a pergola in the garden is essential to create a shaded area and privacy to rest or eat with family. If you want to install a pergola in your garden take a look at these 10 ways to decorate that we present and so the choice will be much easier.


The curtains are a good complement for a pergola, they allow you to increase your privacy, modulate the amount of light or protect you from the sun's rays. And of course they are a fantastic way to decorate and give your particular touch to your pergola.


Maybe the garlands of lights in the pergola is a complement too seen but it is tremendously practical and fun. So take advantage of your pergola at night will be much more practical.


This hanging bench will allow you to swing in the shade of your pergola or enjoy a playful form of this rest area. Your pergola will thus be a very cozy place to sit comfortably and relax while you have a glass of wine.


This bamboo pergola installed on a pond is fascinating work for lovers of Asian and tropical. A charming corner that complements very well with lush vegetation and romantic lights and drapery curtains.


A removable awning is an essential complement to your pergola when it is in the sun. Throughout the day you can run it to protect yourself from the sun or to enjoy the cool of the night. You will get much more out of your pergola.


If you are going to use your pergola as an outdoor dining room, you can hang a chandelier to add a touch of elegance to your meals.


On the other hand, if you want to create a living area, study this patio style proposal, it has a hammock, lots of vegetation and a place to sit. The hurdle is a very cool and practical option to protect us from the sun, it is also economical and sustainable and will give a Mediterranean air to our pergola.


If the pergola is going to steal much space in your garden you can install some boards like these to take advantage of the space and place pots with your favorite plants. They will also give you a certain air of privacy.


A pergola can also serve other purposes, these swings have been mounted on a structure for pergola. Thus the playground is more integrated into the whole garden.


The pergolas can also be used with their original purpose, support for climbing plants. Although any pergola, if it were the case, can be decorated with flowers for a wedding or other similar event.

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