10 types of countertops for your kitchen

The choice of countertop for the kitchen is one of the most important interventions that we face when making a remodeling or creating a new kitchen. It is the surface on which we are going to work for many years and it has two very marked aspects, aesthetics and practice. We must reconcile both at the time of your choice, let's see then ten options of the many that the market presents to us to try to clarify concepts and opinions.

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Countertops quartz They have made a large sector of this market thanks to the undoubted practical and aesthetic advantages offered. A very balanced balance that allows to perfectly integrate the countertop with the style of the kitchen. They are very durable and their maintenance is very bearable.

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Countertops stainless steel They are very present in modern kitchens, arrivals from professional kitchens offer a good aesthetic commitment and are the most hygienic.

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A material that has entered with great force in the latest kitchen designs is the tempered glass . It is a great aesthetic trick that integrates perfectly in an ultramodern style. Its practical advantages are high, easy maintenance and hygiene. Now they must be tempered glass and have a thickness greater than 10 mm so they can withstand the work of a kitchen. His big enemies are hits and scratches.

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The tiles they are a classic and economic option, very used in other times it seems that some designer has returned to them. The main advantage is its low price and the great ease that they have to be combined with the rest of the kitchen. The main drawback is the joints, dirt and mold tend to accumulate in them so they have to be treated with a waterproofing product.

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The travertine It is another of those traditional materials that have been used for centuries. Its great advantage is the aesthetics, this millenary material oozes style and sophistication. You need a proper maintenance to maintain the sealing of the stone and do not use aggressive cleaners that can damage its surface.

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For the most concerned about the environment there is a very interesting option, countertops made with recycled materials . There are different types of them according to their composition, the most frequent reuse recycled glass in their composition although they are also added other materials. They can contain up to three quarters of these recycled materials and a quarter of resins and natural stones.

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The granite , another classic in kitchens around the world, has been renovated in a certain way. Now it is usually used in a matt finish that differentiates it from the classic glossy finishes. It brings a new aesthetic despite its secular use and plays with the great advantage of durability and low maintenance.

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Countertops wood thick are essential in some cooking styles. Its warmth is unquestionable and as far as the practice they need a correct insulating treatment that allows its use with food and hot objects.

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The concrete or concrete It is a material that has entered strongly into interior decoration and of course has also reached the kitchen. It combines with any material and nowadays with the microcements incredible finishes can be obtained for their uniformity and color. They are aesthetic and practical at the same time, very resistant.

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Another old acquaintance, the Carrara marble , elegant, sophisticated and glamorous. It combines very well with any decorative style and is very pleasing to the eye. Its maintenance is not demanding as long as we respect the characteristics of the stone. Beware of excessively aggressive cleaners and acids.

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