10 tips to decorate with mirrors

The resource of the mirrors is a classic solution in decoration. The mirrors create a virtual window where there is only a closed wall, reflect the ambient light and widen the horizon. Let's take a brief look at how we can use this resource so succided and what good results can bring to our decoration.

Decorate with mirrors 1

A big and naked wall It is an ideal place for a large mirror that will increase the brightness of the room and extend the effect of the decoration.

Decorating with mirrors 2

Integrated in the decoration , the mirrors, are like any other decorative element. We can use them even without having a practical use but purely aesthetic.

Decorate with mirrors 3

The receiver is another of the classic spaces to place a mirror. Its traditional function, to look before leaving, joins its reflective quality of light that in a hallway never hurts.

Decorate with mirrors 4

In this open space the great mirror frames the area of dining room, another interesting function that this monster of versatility can play.

Decorating with mirrors 5

In this bedroom the mirror is treated as a large window with its own curtains . A good one idea for space-reduced bedrooms .

Decorating with mirrors 6

The dinning room is another of the spaces that have traditionally benefited from the use of mirrors, especially when they do not have an opening to the outside is an idea that is still as valid as ever.

Decorating with mirrors 7

In the bedroom, the living room or at the end of a corridor, a mirror resting on the floor and the wall with a certain angle It offers a different point of view that gives character to the decoration.

Decorating with mirrors 8

The mirrors also admit a treatment similar to the paintings , actually when we put several mirrors together of equal or proportional sizes we are creating living works of art that capture the light and change according to the point of view of the observer .

Decorating with mirrors 9

A Small room is visually doubled by placing a large mirror on the wall . The gaze is lost in infinity and the feeling of oppression disappears.

Decorating with mirrors 10

At bedroom a Framed mirror in tune with the decor creates a more luminous space and it is always a practical element when it comes to taking a last look before leaving.

Photos: hgtv.com

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